My dream to open a Cafe.

31/03/2016 Main

Hi again, it is Suki here! So in my last post I spoke about one of my passions in life which is coffee. I thought I would expand on this and discuss with you one of my dreams. From when I was young I have had an interest in food and drink. To me a meal is not just about filling your belly but instead it is an experience, a memory. So many tastes, smells and sensations painting an edible picture. Read more

Coffee Industry

10/03/2016 Main

Hello everyone! Hope you are well and welcome back to my blog! So I thought I would talk about one of my passions on here which just so happens to be one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. Coffee! Of course. It is the one beverage that transitions all over the world and although we all have very unique ways of drinking it we can all share in the essence of what coffee is and how it makes us feel. Coffee has become so many things to so many people. Coffee is now an art form in which baristas train competively to create the most beautiful cup. Following the process from harvesting the bean to roasting it and finally grinding the bean to placing in the vesicle of your choice whether it be an espresso machine, a French press, or a pour over……… truly it is something worthwhile. Read more

Printing Machines

23/02/2016 Main

Hello again everybody, it’s me Suki and I’m back for another instalment on my amazing blog! Since last time I have been in contact with a friend about a possible business opportunity. It involves the process of large-scale printing, for big businesses (hopefully), and even our own clothing. For this type of printing it requires an offset printing machine (although clothing prints are done on different machines, but that is hopefully going to come later). It is an exciting opportunity because this friend in particular is already quite successful and he has known me for a long time, and knows I am extremely enthusiastic about new ideas and potential money earners. Usually when he puts his money and mind to something it makes money, so I am very grateful he is giving me the opportunity to my vast amounts of energy into an exciting project. Read more

The Tree of Life

12/02/2016 Main

So, in my earlier post I talked about ideas for products that could be sold online and, as promised, I am writing this article to explore more thoroughly the concept of selling coconut products online.  Read more


Making Cash Online

01/02/2016 Main

So, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to successfully support myself online and I’d like to share my research and ideas with you, my readers. Read more


Introduction to my Blog

12/01/2016 Main

Hi there, I’m Suki. A 26 year old Hindu male living in Udaipur.   Udaipur is a land of opportunity, a place reliant upon its heavy tourism and, most importantly, the set of the James Bond movie Octopussy!  Coming from such a place I have become somewhat of an unsuccessful entrepreneur, meaning that I have a bunch of brilliant ideas but I just don’t ever get around to initiating them.  I have helped lots of friends get their businesses off the ground though and so I thought it was about time I helped a wider group of people to become more of a business success than me. Check back regularly, for I shall be posting lots of articles about my enterprising ideas!